Q. How much do hot tubs cost to run?

A. Our hot tubs are among the most energy efficient in the industry due to the Hydropool Heatshield Technology. Our Self Clean filtration ensure your spa  is inexpensive to run and cost between approximately £5-£10 per week depending on size, power and usage.  Click here more info.

Q. Do they use a lot of water?

A. They do not use a lot of water. Once filled, it is several weeks before the water will need to be changed due to the Hydropool self clean system which cleans your water every 15 mins whilst in self-clean mode. To see how this works click here

Q. How much maintenance do they require?

A. A few minutes in the week is all that is required to keep your hot tub water crystal clear.

Q. Do lots of jets make hot tubs more powerful?  

A. Many people make the mistake or have been misled to believe that more jets make for a better hot tub. This statement is incorrect. Generally speaking a smaller amount of jets means a more invigorating massage, however it is also dependent on the number of pumps and size of pipe feeding the jets  etc…  Many cheap chinese imports available on the internet and Ebay boast 100+ jets but are using 2 or 3 fairly small pumps so this only dilutes the power of the massage, whereas a spa with 40 jets fed from 2 pumps will obviously have a much more powerful, invigorating massage experience. A good rule of thumb is 25 jets to each pump in the spa for optimum performance.

Q. Are the jets adjustable?   Can they be customized?

A. Every hydropool spa has interchangeable, customizable jets to ensure a tailor-made spa experience which is second to none in terms comfort and relaxation.

Q. Are the rigid covers effective in keeping in the heat?

A. The rigid covers are very effective. Our models are fitted with 5’’ tapered covers, the thickest on the market. They are made from the highest grade marine grade vinyl. In fact in the winter, snow will settle and frost will form on the cover, yet inside the spa it is ready and waiting at your set temperature.

Q. Hydrotherapy?

A. Hydrotherapy helps just about everyone. Hot water boosts blood circulation by helping the blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood circulation. It also helps alleviate backache, joint and muscle stiffness. Hydrotherapy is also claimed to help insomnia. We would advise that if you have a medical condition or are pregnant, that you consult a doctor before using any spa/hot tub.

Q. If I go away on holiday should I turn the spa off?

A. If you go away in the warmer weather for a long period you can either, turn the temperature down, adjust the chemicals or drain the spa completely. If you plan your holiday in the winter months and there is a threat of freezing we would advise that you adjust your chemical levels lower the temperature and set the control panel to ‘Sleep’ mode. This will allow the water temperature drop further but the automatic frost protection device will protect the spa (assuming the electrical supply remains on).

Q. What is ozone?   Is it necessary?
A. Ozone is used as a secondary oxidiser and will kill bacteria and organic impurities and has a good flocculating effect on water that makes it beneficial in aiding water treatment. It is between 10 – 20 times more powerful than chlorine and 20 – 30 times more powerful than bromine. A residual of chlorine or bromine is still required when an ozone system is fitted.  There are different ways of producing ozone, one being corona discharge the other being high frequency ultra violet light. Both systems work, however the ozone remaining in the water must not exceed 0.5mg/litre. You may have been informed by others incorrectly about which or what system to use or whether it is needed at all. The truth is, having ozone fitted is beneficial to water quality, however there is a maximum level of ozone which is permissible in hot tubs and this figure can not be exceeded.

Q. What about the warranty?

A. Our manufacturer’s warranties are excellent. There is up to 10 years manufacturer’s warranties on the shell for integrity and up to two years manufacturer’s warranties on the pumps and control panels. We have very few warranty claims as the components are of the highest quality. Beware of hot tubs with third party warranties! Warranties are important on complex hot tubs. Always check full warranty descriptions.

Q. Can it be installed in the garden?
A. The majority of hot tub owners have their hot tub installed in the garden. They are designed and insulated for outside use all year round.

Q. How quickly can I use my hot tub after it is installed?
A. Usually within 8 – 10 hours after installation.

Q. When I move house can take my spa with me?
A. Yes you certainly can. We offer our customers a relocation service.



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Really good service – thanks!
R Milcarz, Edinburgh


Loving our new Hot Tub, been in it every night since we got it in January, big thanks to Andy and Malcolm!
Heather & David, Kinross 


Great Hot Tub, everything done on time and on budget despite a really difficult delivery
Mr Hamilton, Millport, Isle of Cumbrae 


Our new swimspa and log cabin are fantastic, we had it made to order so took longer than normal but was well worth the wait!
Mr & Mrs Soutar, Dundee



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